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Definition of a Good Restaurant There is a probable comparison of how good or bad the restaurants you have been to can be. Modern restaurants are becoming way better with every passing day. You will find that a given restaurant has improved a number of things related to their services. Among the things that could have improved in a given restaurant include cleanliness, servers and technology. It is the duty of a restaurant to ensure that its state is attractive to customers. Even so, there are so many restaurants coming up, this means that each one of them will have to up their game so as to ensure that they are at the top of the choices that someone can probably make. There is an endless list of things that can be considered to make a restaurant better. The people serving your guests will be at the top of the list of things you have to take note of when you wish to make your restaurant better. Communication skills are very crucial in serving a guest at a given restaurant. Servers should be very fast to notice a guest immediately they make their way into the restaurant. The worst thing you could ever do to a guest is making them wait for so long without being noticed. Even if a restaurant has too many guests at a given time, they will have to find a way of ensuring that the service persons are enough. How you talk to the guest is very crucial. Appropriate language and titles should be addressed to respective guests. Other than the server being a good listener, he/she should not interrupt the guest while they speak.
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Another very important thing to observe in restaurants is cleanliness. Perfect health of employees and customers can be enhanced by maintaining cleanliness. To avoid irritating other customers, always ensure that the tables are cleaned as soon as they get dirty. The bathrooms should also be kept clean at all times. The one thing guests dislike is restaurants is when they have dirty bathrooms. And it is the function of the supervisor to check regularly and ensure that the toilets are clean.
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There are numerous ways through which the modern technology has been used to make restaurants better. While guests await to be served they could be using free wifi in some restaurants. Online orders could be a very good way of serving customers from their homes. With technology, restaurants can go as far as having games just to distract their guests while they wait their food to be prepared. The use of tablets by servers to take orders has made the restaurant industry totally effective. And how can you forget that the type of food that a restaurant offers will determine how many customers will come. A restaurant that offers a wide range of foods is always the best. To increase the number of guests add offers to your menu once in a while.

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The Best Advice on Drinks I’ve found

Facts That You Need To Know About Salt and Margarita

For the information of many, margarita is a cocktail made up of tequila, Cointreau, lime or can be of lemon juice mixtures, often has salt on the edge of the glass and can either be served as on the rocks or poured over ice.

Adding salt to a drink, for this matter a margarita, will not only make the drink look cool but it will also make the sour and sweet flavor of the drink to burst in your mouth. The reason behind why margarita taste sour and sweet at the same time is because when salt is being added, it suppresses the bitterness of the drink. But, it can be misleading if salt is to considered as an enhancer since no proof has been found out pertaining to the physiological connection of salt with universal flavor enhancements.

That may be the case but it is clear to the purpose of salt and that is to suppress other tastes while boosting the basic ones. By adding salt, even a pinch of it, into a mixture, it will tone down the bitterness of the mixture. As we all know, bitterness is the one factor that hinders the sweet flavor from surfacing that is why if you want to intensify the sweetness of your drink, you can add salt to it. If we go deeper into exploring the science of salt, based on its chemical level, the one responsible for dampening the bitterness is the sodium ion that is found in the molecule of sodium chloride. To make the subject matter at hand become more interesting, did you know if bitter compounds are being added to salty ones, the salty level of a mixture retains its saltiness or if changes in taste does occur, it is not noticeable?

Salt being added to a cocktail such as margarita, it does not only increases the bitterness and sweetness of the drink, it also heighten out perception of its aroma making the flavor of the drink seem more potent. In addition to that, adding even very little amount of salt increases the flow of the saliva which makes the drink feels a bit richer and thicker.

Adding a very little concentration of salt will not hinder it from effectively eliminating the bitter taste of a mixture. As salt dampens that bitter taste of a mixture, it boost other flavorings or taste like the sweetness or sourness, making the drink taste the way you will like. There are so many bartenders nowadays are making it a habit to add an ample amount of salt to a citrusy drink so that the sour taste of it will be enhanced or brighten. But then again, bartenders still need to be cautious about adding salt to the drink since too much of it will dampen the level of acid on the drink.

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